Wireless Remote Socket Adaptor

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The Wireless Remote Socket Adapter is an excellent product to have because it will totally simplify your life!

It can:

  • Automatically turn your coffee pot on and off
  • Turn on home security cameras
  • Turn on your washing machine and dryer
  • Control heat and AC settings
  • And more!

The Wireless Remote Socket Adapter will help you do all of this from your smartphone!

Right now, this incredible item is on sale!


  • Color: white
  • Product weight: 63.5g
  • Dimensions: 55mm * 44mm * 31mm
  • Input voltage: 90 ~ 250V
  • Output voltage: AC180 ~ 250V
  • Maximum load: 2200W 10A
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 40
  • Operation and network connection
  • Button: Press switch / long press For reset
  • Network connection: WiFi b / g / n
  • Temperature sensor: High temperature protection
  • The main chip: MW300
  • Material: 750 Degrees high temperature fire resistant materials